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The world is moving to smart connected products. It is predicted that the new generation of products will increasingly be part of the Future Internet, also referred as Internet of Things. The Internet of Things technology, according to GSMA a $4.5 trillion USD market by 2020, will facilitate these "smart things" to become active participants in business, information and social processes. We can help your business build new products and services around your devices leveraging connectivity and the Internet of Things. Contact us if you like to find out more; we will be truly happy to discuss your case.

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CONNIO enables development teams to quickly deploy scalable, secure, and production-ready Internet of Things solutions on the Cloud. Its simple API, support for MQTT protocol can literally reduce your development time from months to weeks. Industrial Automation is also in the genes of CONNIO with built-in OPC UA support. The solutions developed on CONNIO can be easily integrated with other OPC UA compatible PLC, SCADA, and HMI systems effortlessly. Think CONNIO as a massively scalable SCADA system with all the goodies of the Cloud computing such as Big Data, Complex Event Processing, and web service integration.

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There are so many ways you can realize value from the Internet of Things: for being compliant with the regulations, reducing production downtime, optimizing your services, increasing customer satisfaction or simply gaining better business insight. Regardless of your motivation you are going to need a solid, enterprise-ready Internet of Things platform offered with different deployment models. CONNIO is built to meet these needs from ground up. Its unique integration capabilities will provide you endless possibilities when integrating your corporate IoT with your back-office systems.

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CONNIO can be used by telecom companies to build their own private Internet of Things Cloud, to offer it as an application enablement service to their customers or simply to develop their own products and services. Every Internet of Things vertical dictates its own scalability and security requirements. CONNIO is the only platform today that can scale asymmetrically to provide you the optimum performance within your budget without sacrificing security. Contact us to learn more about CONNIO's flexible deployment models, white label options, big data and platform billing capabilities.

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