Backend Developer
Vancouver, Canada or Remote

Are you the type of engineer who thrives on hard problems, who gets excited about things like distributed systems, metaprogramming, and new concurrency models in the latest JRE? If so, we'd like to talk to you.

We are a small, solid start-up full of smart people who love to learn from each other. We're changing the way Internet of Things products get built by removing barriers to making. Our platform lets developers focus on the 'what' and 'why' of Internet of Things innovation while we take care of the 'how.' It's all part of our larger mission of freeing creativity from technical limitations.

We're looking for an extreme Scala / Java developer who has built enterprise-class systems that scale for growth, with a strong background in reactive design, massive scalability and distributed systems. With us, you'll have the opportunity to work in a flexible, innovative, incredibly supportive environment on some of the most interesting challenges you'll ever face.

What you'll be doing

  • Playing a key role in the design and implementation of our core back-end servers, with broad creative autonomy
  • Researching new technologies and techniques to improve our systems and build a stable, reliable cloud-based architecture
  • Creating code generation tools to power our SDKs and library
  • Contributing to reviews to improve both our codebase and development practices, with a sense of responsibility for the success of both

Skills and requirements

  • 4+ years of Java development or 1+ years of Scala development experience
  • A solid understanding of reactive design patterns and scalability
  • Experience with distributed and/or cloud-based architectures
  • Prior experience in a lead or key design role on a complex commercial web app is a plus
  • Past startup experience is a plus
  • Bonus points for a tinkerer - strong interest in programmable hardware e.g., Arduino
  • A sense of humor

We offer competitive compensation, a casual office environment, and respect for individual creative autonomy. We're looking for people who have interests outside of work as well, so don't let that side project/superhero alter-ego get in the way of getting in touch. Does this sound like you? If so, there may be a place for you here.

Thank You!

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